Nutri Cups

The Healthy Side of Delectability

If you’ve been to our bakeries before, you’ll know that we stop at nothing to make the most delicious baked goods. Still sticking to this philosophy, we at Sigma Bakeries have decided to extend our charmed oven mitts into Nutri Corner! Here, we’ll feature a full list of scrumptious and nutritious delicacies made from wholesome, low-fat ingredients.

From nuts to veggies, dark chocolate, and fruit – you can expect an entirely new range of delectability at Sigma Bakery’s Nutri Corner! But don’t be fooled by its healthy status; this new range stimulates just as many tastebuds as the rest of our products do.

Don’t miss out – grab a nutri pot! You can even order a nutri box with four choices of your favorite Nutri Corner products packed just for you. Come over and get yours today!

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